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Clarifying Foam
Clarifying Foam

Clarifying Foam


An easy-to-use antibacterial foaming cleanser, designed for blemish-prone skin. Lightly exfoliates the skin, unclogs pores and detoxifies the skin with a gently blend of mandelic acid, salicylic acid and tea tree oil. Soothes and calms the appearance of the skin with niacinamide leaving the skin’s natural protective oils  balanced and blemish-causing bacteria reduced, improving tone and texture of skin over time.

How to use:

Massage a small amount over moistened face and neck, with the palm of the hand. Rinse with clean warm water.

Key Benefits:

Clarifying Foam™ is carefully pH balanced so that it won’t strip the skin or disrupt its delicate equilibrium. AHAs and BHAs gently exfoliate to unclog pores, leaving skin feeling smooth and renewed. The foaming cleanser is free from artificial fragrance so it won’t cause unwanted irritation, while tea tree oil gives the foam a fresh natural aroma. Skin is left cool, refreshed and thoroughly cleansed without feeling dry or tight.