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Skin Needling Face + LED Light Therapy
Skin Needling Face + LED Light Therapy

Skin Needling Face + LED Light Therapy


Skin Needling + LED Light Therapy Combo

Skin Needling uses innovative Medipro Dermapen technology to safely penetrate the surface of the skin. As tiny micro-needles puncture the dermis, it triggers an immediate response for cellular renewal and repair to effectively reduce the appearance of pitted scarring, uneven texture, enlarged pores or for those wanting an overall rejuvenation. The Medipro Dermapen is an advanced technology that adjusts the depth of the needles so our clinical therapists can tailor your treatments to your priorities.

LED Light Therapy is the therapeutic use of light. It emits wavelengths of LED light energy deep into the skin to increase cellular function, accelerate healing, treat active acne and promote skin rejuvenation. The innovative Lutronic Healite is also highly recommended post skin treatment to soothe and enhance results. Yellow Light Therapy: Used to accelerate healing, reduce redness after treatment and encourages collagen production and cellular repair. Blue Light Therapy: Designed to target acne-causing bacteria that reduces active acne, skin inflammation and eliminates future breakouts. Our LED Light Therapy technology treats all skin types. During your complimentary consultation our clinical therapist tailor treatment programs to make you look and feel your very best.

Pre-paid treatments will be applied to the purchasers account within 24-48hrs and are not refundable for change of mind. Packages are non-transferable to other treatments or individuals. Prices displayed are discounted based on the current promotion and reflect the single price per treatment. Prices are subject to change and can only be secured when payment is received in full. Pre-paid packages have an expiry date. Package expirations can range from 3-18 months (visit our website for specific expiration periods). Pre-paid packages will expire and services forfeited if not completed within the expiration date. Full terms and conditions available on our website.