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Blemish SOS
Blemish SOS

Blemish SOS


Invisible, rapid action gel to visibly reduce breakouts in just 24 hours (in most people). Formulation contains four key active ingredients: 

  • high strength salicylic acid to clean the pores
  • niacinamide to sooth redness and inflamation
  • antibacterial azelaic acid to contain infection
  • dioc acid to reduce oil produced in  the skin.

How to use:

Apply directly onto clean skin. The gel is invisible, quick drying and can be used in skin-emergencies or under makeup.

Key Benefits:

For those moments when the inevitable imperfection makes an unwelcome appearance, let Blemish SOS™ be your fail-safe back-up plan. This lightweight, fragrance-free gel sinks effortlessly into skin to banish blemishes at their core. The concentrated formula uses salicylic acid to reduce inflammation and build-up from deep within the pore. Boosted with calming niacinamide, it cares for the skin as it works. Plus, it dries to create a completely clear film over the blemish, so you can use it underneath make-up to stop breakouts in their tracks.