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Calmwise Soothing Cleanser
Calmwise Soothing Cleanser

Calmwise Soothing Cleanser


Address redness at the root cause, with Calmwise Soothing Cleanser. Strengthens the skin's barrier against environmental stress and surface irritation, heals & fortifies the skin with chrolophyll and vitamin K while addressing irritation & inflammation with teprenone. Cleanses and reduces large pores whilst evening skin tone, leaving the skin hydrated and detoxified still with its natural protective oils.

How to use:

Massage onto moistened face and neck, with the palm of the hand and rinse with clean water. For best results, follow up with Calmwise Serum and Calmwise Colour Correct Moisturiser.

Key Benefits:

This gentle foaming cleanser has been specifically designed for redness-prone skin. Infused with calming, strengthening and conditioning actives, it helps to soothe sensitivity and improve skin health. Organise sweet orange oil gives the cleanser a light citrus scent, while also providing soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Calmwise™ Soothing Cleanser is pH balanced to care even for the most sensitive skins and is free from potentially irritating artificial fragrances, soaps and sulphates.